Affiliate referrals made easy


Did you know that 4 customers out of 5 hesitate before investing in miners because of the inconvenience of mining operations such as high electricity cost in their location, noise, heat, no appropriate space to store their miners… ? You are in cryptocurrency business, you offer crypto currency services, you sell hardware mining equipments... and you wish to offer a turnkey mining solution for your customers ? Offer ULTRA's mining services and expertise and earn commission.


  1. Sign Up - Share your Referral Link & Earn 5% of any deposit by your referral. (We offer referrals up to 20 percent for our official partner and large company funds. If you are interested please contact us via

  2. The more you promote, the more you earn. It’s simple and straight forward, monetize just by sending mining customers to us and we will handle the rest.

  3. Earn 5-20% on our mining contracts and hosting services for every new customer that you refer. All our contracts are based on 24 months period minimum.